Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


         Suratthani Teachers College was established on 29th September 1973. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was established under Suratthani Teachers College officially in 1976 with several programs for degrees for Educational Certificates and added Bachelor’s degrees in 1980. As a university policy of producing graduates to serve local needs, the faculty opened programs in Chumphon Province in 1982. At present, the faculty has four missions: teaching and studying, researching, providing academic services to communities, and promoting Thai art and culture. 


         The faculty as an organization is to produce the body of knowledge, enhance morality, help develop society, maintain good governance, preserve Thai culture, and to provide supports in a sufficient economy.

        A faculty which provides the community with cultivated, professional and morally astute graduates. 


         1. To produce graduates in the field of humanities and social sciences with high academic standards.

         2. To carry out the research for better advancement and knowledge in humanities and social sciences.

         3. To provide academic services to communities.

         4. To maintain, promote and enrich Thai arts and culture.  

Board of Director

Dr. Pichai Sookwoon
PositionDean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
EducationM.A. (History)
UniversitySrinakharinwirot University, Thailand
Office Telephone0-7735-5637
Research InterestsHistory, culture

Miss. A-porn Molee
PositionAssociate Dean for Research and Academic Services
EducationM.S. (Information Technology Management)
UniversityMahidol University, Thailand
Office Telephone0-7735-5637
Research Interests-

Dr. Sirirat Chupan Atthaphonphipat
PositionAssociate Dean for Planning and Education Quality Assurance
EducationPh.D. (Linguistics)
UniversityChulalongkorn University, Thailand
Office Telephone0-7735-5637
Research Interests-

Dr. Chayachon Phothip
PositionAssistant Dean for Student Development
EducationPh.D (Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)
Office Telephone 0-7735-5637
Email -
Research Interests-

Mrs. Onusa Nongtrud
PositionAssistant Dean
EducationM.A. (Composition)
UniversityKorea National University of Arts, Korea
Office Telephone0-7735-5637
Email -
Research Interests-

Mrs. Jureeporn Jantharamas
PositionHead of Dean's Office
UniversitySurat Thani Rajabhat University, Thailand
Office Telephone077 913333 ext.1100
Email -

There are 11 degrees offered in undergraduate level.

        1. Bachelor of Arts in Community and Organization Development

        2. Bachelor of Arts in Business English

        3. Bachelor of Arts in English

        4. Bachelor of Arts in Chinese

        5. Bachelor of Arts in Thai for Foreigners

        6. Bachelor of Arts in Business Thai

        7. Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Management

        8. Bachelor of Arts in Information and Library Sciences

        9. Bachelor of Arts in Music

        10. Bachelor of Public Administration

        11. Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Painting) 

Strength point Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Music Curriculum

Strength International music programs are responsive and have a mission to educate local people. The management of education in the field of international music has a direct role to play in the context of economic and social context to meet the development of quality of life and local society. The students have won many awards and work in the field of contemporary music and have produced music for many artists. Some students are independent musicians, producers of various artists and in the music competitions, there is ongoing support from the university. The University offers a wide range of research support in music and a well-supported academic contribution from the University.

Chinese Curriculum

Strength The Chinese course is a collaboration between Suratthani Rajabhat University and Yunnan Normal University, China. The graduates will earn both degrees as the Bachelor of Education. Suratthani Rajabhat University will have a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The students who graduated from China have a very good level of Chinese, equivalent to Level 5. This makes the students receive a master's degree and scholarships from China. Also, graduate students have a minimum salary base of 25,000 baht per month.

Public Administration Curriculum

Strength Public administration curricula are a way of improving the quality of education of the curriculum concerned and linking it with the local community and direct integration. Students are excellent, and they can bring what they learn in the classroom to the process. The students have leadership skills and their work is well received by organizations in both the public and private sectors. When students are having problems, they can meet with teachers to talk and discuss in a friendly way. Graduated students work mainly in local government organizations. Most of the research is local. Students receive academic awards, such as awards from Walailak University. The instructors receive scholarships from The Thailand Research Fund, National Research Council of Thailand.

English Program 

Strength The teaching and learning management of the Bachelor of Arts Program department of English focus on developing skills in using English. In addition to the student's compulsory courses, which are the basis for studying English, students will study specific subjects, which include language skills, linguistics, literature, professional and social translations and culture. The course aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn the subject matter of the course and to choose their own course of study to meet their own interests or aptitudes. Education is provided to enable learners to learn and live in the social and cultural life of English-speaking or multicultural families. Because of this learning, students will learn in real-world environments. It also gives students the opportunity to interact with foreigners in a variety of languages ​​and cultures. The curriculum also requires learners to apply the knowledge they have learned in practical work in the form of professional experience Active Learning. The students are taught self-learning through a variety of teaching and learning processes, practical training in real conditions, linking to different situations. The English course is the preferred course of the labor market because many organizations and businesses need people who are knowledgeable in English. The knowledge of English can be a staircase to a variety of professions such as hotel staff interpreters, flight attendants, translators, and many other professions. Due to the quality assurance of the year 2015-2018 graduates of the English Language Department, the English curriculum provides an academic advising system providing students with opportunities to be close to students and interact consistently. Students have the opportunity to meet for consultation. Most course instructors hold a master's degree or doctoral degree from a native country and a corresponding course. The teacher has academic knowledge and quality of teaching and learning.

Thai Curriculum

Strength The Thai curriculum is strong in Thai language. This is a curriculum where students report on their goals. Students are encouraged to participate in the Academic Skills Competition. They won the semi-finals Poetry Competition at Walailak University. Instructors in the course taught the course and take care of students carefully. It provides a foundation for students to find information related to the curriculum in the course. This enables 100% of the graduates to work in a variety of jobs such as secretary, teachers, editors, writers, proofreaders.

Politics and Government Curriculum

Strength The Politics and Government Curriculum is a course that supports the current situation with changing political, economic, social and cultural situations. At present, the vision and mission of the university is to produce quality graduates to meet the needs of the society by creating graduates who have the knowledge that can be published. It is used for social development and professional ethics that are consistent with the opportunities arising from external factors. The focus is on producing graduates to meet the needs of society and the community associated with the University’s mission that provides academic services to a diverse society. Collaboration and mutual assistance between universities, communities, local government organizations, local and international organizations for sustainable local development Arts & Culture build and develop academic strength. Basic knowledge of politics, administration and management focus on adaptation to be ready for the changing and competitive landscape in ASEAN region. The number of students has increased. The instructor is knowledgeable and has good networking with outside agencies. Master's publications have been published both nationally and internationally. The employment rate of graduates is 100% mostly as the government officials.

English Curriculum

Strength English Curriculum is a course that focuses on the production of graduates who are knowledgeable in the theory and practice in using and communicating English. It can be applied for communicating with others, as well as being moral and ethical in the use of language in the profession. There is curriculum development for students to meet the CEFR test level B2. Students will be interviewed on their own when recruiting to study in the course. 

Cultural Management Curriculum

Strength Cultural Management Curriculum is a course that values ​​the rich cultural heritage of the local area which appears as local wisdom, culture, traditions and fine arts. Students can apply knowledge and bring these resources to create benefits in terms of value to create a sense of self-esteem and social and economic value. In addition, the Department of Cultural Management also fulfills the mission of the University to preserve arts and culture as a local university. Teachers and students study in community fields related closely to create a common law, to share the development of teaching and learning. The employment rate of graduated students is about 80%. There is outstanding student achievement. Student work received an outstanding Personnel Award. The instructors have PhD degrees. 

Painting Curriculum

Strength Surat Thani is the center of the famous civilization. This resulted in the creation of a painting course of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students and teachers are closely involved with the community. There was an international academic paper in the Symbol of Life Journal. The emphasis is on teaching, encouraging student activities in learning and practicing. Student’s work won the best painting award and involves taking students on the field trip, and inviting outside networks to get involved and inspire learning.

Research in 2012:



Research Title

Miss Siriorn Phetphirom
The Initiation and Existence of Museums in Surat Thani
Miss Jirawan Phromthong
A Comparison of Characteristics of the Thai Song Dam Language in Surat Thani and Petchaburi Provinces
Miss Jiraphorn Chaiyachain
The Development of Life Quality of the Elderly People in Thathorgmai Sub-district, Kanchanadit District, Surat Thani Province
Mr. Daetwinit Seephin
Bandon’ Lifestyle in Paintings  
Mr. Chainarong Jara
Dept Management Customers of Agriculture Cooperative Phiphun Itd., Phiphun Sub-district, Phiphun District, Nakornsritammarat Province
Mr. Akekaman Kaewthongsorn
Buddhadasa Bhikku’s Buddhadhamma Propagation
Miss Kanyarat Jansawang
Factors Influencing Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Takham Municipality Officers, Surat Thani Province
Miss Phasuwadee Phonphichai
Roles of Local Administrative Organization in Promoting “Sufficiency Economy” in Viengsa District, Surat Thani Province

External Collaborations and Partnerships

The faculty has initiated the collaboration and partnership with Yunnan Normal University. We have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The purpose of this collaboration is to produce graduates serving sectors of government and companies, and empowering students’ ability for international competition.         


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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