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        The SRU graduate school was established in 1997 with the approval of the university’s board to coordinate, implement, support, and strengthen all postgraduate education programs offered at SRU. Nowadays, the office is located at the 4th floor of the His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Celebration building.


        Learning through the pursuit of academic research and developing human resources with moral principles, sustainable community development can be achieved.


        The graduate school will produce academicians and professionals of the high caliber, which will create valuable bodies of knowledge and wisdom that will used to resolve problems and to further community development.


        1. To develop curriculums and organize postgraduate education.

        2. To support research and development.

        3. To provide any academic service required by the community.

Board of Director

Dr. Wattana Rattanaprom
Position Dean of Graduate School
Education Ph.D. (Curriculum and Instruction)
University Kasetsart University
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Research Interests

Dr. Kewalin Angkananon
Position Associate Dean of Graduate School
Education Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Office Telephone
Research Interests -

Dr.Krisana Thongkeaw
Position Associate Dean of Graduate School
Education Ph.D. (Sociology)
University Khon Kaen University
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Master Degrees

        • Master of Education in Educational Administration
               The aim of the program is to develop both professional and knowledgeable administrators who are competent in and able to apply the principles, theories and practices of educational administration within the workplace.

        • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
               The program is especially designed to equip educational personnel with the capability to refine learning techniques and manage researchers in order to efficiently and successfully develop educational innovations.

        • Master of Education in Mathematics Education
               The program will equip mathematic teachers with both the theoretical and practical skills required to be professionals who will be able to teach, innovate and conduct research.

        • Master of Education in Teaching English for Academic and Occupational Purposes
               This program is for English teachers and educational personnel who wish to acquire and develop their theoretical knowledge, language skills and become efficient organizers and managers of English language classes.

        • Master of Education in Science Education
               The program will provide the required knowledge in both theory and practice, to enable science teachers to be professionals who will be able to teach, generate media for instruction, conduct research and develop teaching techniques.

        • Master of Arts in Social Sciences for Development
               The program seeks to develop academics and professionals in the field of social science into competent, aware and efficient social leaders within their communities.

        • Master of Arts in Development Strategy
               This program is for community leaders, academicians and organization administrators who are working towards sustainable community development and wish to gain the necessary skills in order to conduct research and development projects.

        • Master of Business Administration
               The program emphasizes the importance of being entrepreneurs with knowledge, skillfulness, and ethics. While enabling the students to gain the necessary skills in order to undertake research, to be competent in the application of information technology and to successfully run businesses both at the local and global levels.

        • Master of Science in Environmental Education
               The program focuses its attention on developing personnel into both academicians and researchers who are striving towards environmental equilibrium and are capable of managing the environment, sustainable forms of development and conducting research.

        • Master of Public Health
               The aim of the program is to produce competent academicpractitioners who are capable of utilizing universal knowledge and cooperating with communities to combat neediness and local health problems.

        • Master of Public Administration
               The program seeks to develop administrators and community leaders through the study of political theories, research and administrative science to be able and efficient economic, social, and political analysts.

Doctoral Degree

        • Doctor of Education in Educational Management
               Executive education can produce the leader of a moral and ethical change. Knowledgeable understanding of the educational context radically And applied research to solve problems of education and creating knowledge. To enhance educational quality and standards of local and national.

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Graduate School

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