Faculty of Education


         The Faculty of Education was established in 1976 at Suratthani Teachers College, which later became Suratthani Rajabhat Institute and Suratthani Rajabhat University respectively. The goal is to produce graduates in education to serve the needs of local communities. At present, the Faculty has offered eight programs of Bachelor’s Degree of Education: General Sciences, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Thai, Fine Arts, Early Childhood, and Computer. The Faculty is targeting to pursue three more programs: Physics, Physical Education, and Psychology and Counseling.


         “Create new knowledge and produce professional teachers

         The Faculty of Education is a model organization of producing quality teachers and mastering the in-service teachers and education personnel.


         1. To produce education students to meet the needs of local communities as well as master the in-service teachers and education personnel

         2. To create potential classroom action research and potential research for local communities development

         3. To provide academic services to the society and follow the Royal Imitative Development Projects

         4. To promote and preserve art and culture, natural resources, and the environment

         5. To develop the administration and organization management with good governance

Board of Director

Asst. Prof. Chitaporn Iamsa-ard
Position Dean, Faculty of Education
Education M.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)
University Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1099
Email chitaporn@sru.ac.th
Research Interests -

Dr. Mattaniya Pongsuwan
Position Associate Dean for Academic and Research Affairs
Education Ph.D. (Development Education)
University Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1098
Email -
Research Interests -

Mr. Nattaphon Nujenjit
Position Associate Dean for Strategy and Development
Education M.S. (Geology)
University Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1098
Email amenjoynow@hotmail.com
Research Interests Earth science and astronomy studies

Mr. Wachirasan Machimapero
Position Associate Dean for Student Development
Education M.S. (Geography)
University Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1036
Email nattaphon_sru@hotmail.com
Research Interests -

Asst. Prof. Chanya Udompamuan
Position Associate Dean for Academic Services and Research
Education M.F.A(Visual Arts)
University King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1040
Email joy_chanya@hotmail.com
Research Interests Learning to print art, Research in Visual Arts

Asst. Prof. Dr. Somchat Phiutongam
Position Director of the Institute for Teacher Development and Educational Personnel
Education Ph.D.(Psychology)
University Banaras Hindu University, India
Office Telephone 0-77913333 ext. *1046
Email somchat_dhd7@yahoo.com
Research Interests Psychology for Teachers, Buddhist Psychology

Mrs. Dussadee Phattanaviriyaphisan
Position Head of Dean's Office
Education M.B.A.
University Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
Office Telephone 0-7735-5466  ext. *862
Email djkmouy@hotmail.com
Research Interests -

Courses Offered

The Faculty of Education offers the following bachelor’s degree programs:

Undergraduate Programs

There are 11 degrees offered in undergraduate level.

          1. B.Ed. (General Sciences)

          2. B.Ed. (Mathematics)

          3. B.Ed. (English)

          4. B.Ed. (Social Studies)

          5. B.Ed. (Thai)

          6. B.Ed. (Fine Arts)

          7. B.Ed. (Early Childhood)

          8. B.Ed. (Computer)

          9. B.Ed. (Physics)

          10. B.Ed. (Physical Education)

Undergraduate Programs and Departments Academic Year 2014

          1. General Sciences Program

          2. Mathematics Program

          3. English Program

          4. Social Studies Program

          5. Thai Program

          6. Fine Arts Program

          7. Early Childhood Program

          8. Computer Program

          9. Physical Education Department

          10. Physics Department

          11. Basic Education Department

          12. Curriculum and Teaching Department

          13. Counseling Psychology and Guidance Department

          14. Research and Evaluation Department

          15. Educational Technology Department

Strength point of Faculty of Education

Mathematics Curriculum

Strength Sixty-nine Mathematics students’ id 58-61 received a grant from the Teacher Development Program for Local Development, and a total of 126 alumni who graduated from the curriculum of Mathematics Curriculum in Education Faculty, Suratthani Rajabhat University have passed the teacher assistant test, as teachers for Local Development Fund in 2018.

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Strength The Early Childhood Curriculum is a curriculum that is responsible for producing teachers, preparing teachers, and educational personnel. It can promote early childhood development by providing education, and parenting in the form of informal and formal education that consists of professional teachers. The majors are interdisciplinary, integrated humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Graduates are knowledgeable in science, have skills in building knowledge and applying them to the context of the community, and 100% have graduated and have got local jobs. The early childhood education curriculum is marketed with the spirit of early childhood teachers from the first year to the students and the MOU signed with schools in the early childhood network to exchange and develop concrete teaching and research.  

Thai Curriculum

StrengthThai language curriculum focuses on developing graduated students to have ethics in the profession, knowledge in Thai language, and good command in English. It is a good example of Thai language. The graduated students can use the knowledge of the theory and practice in analysis, synthesis of knowledge in Thai creatively, creating a Public Graduate to have a good relationship with the community, society, and good judgment. They can use modern technology to seek knowledge, broadcast, and distribute efficiently. The graduates have the ability to manage Thai language subjects at the basic level of education. 

Computer Curriculum

Strength Students in the computer curriculum are diverse in the workforce. In addition to being a computer teacher, you can also pursue other professions such as academics, and computer programmers, etc. The graduated students got jobs in their hometown as a government teacher, government military teacher called "a qualified computer teacher". Creating Instructional Media Curriculum is supported by the Office of the Higher Educational Commission and MOOC media is supervised by Walialak University. There is a distinctive use of E-learning media. Students can develop their own learning materials, and participated in Rajabhat Research Symposium. Instructors are specialized in Scratch Program.

English Curriculum 

Strength English Curriculum is taught by teachers who specialize in technology in the 21st century. They also have expertise in language arts. The teaching and learning process is taught to all teachers and students in every class, and communication is 100% in English. The instructors practice speaking and theories of teaching and using English communication before using Thai. For the professional experience practice, the schools reported that the students were well trained, and got admission from internships. The SEAMEO program sends exchange students to countries in AEC.

Mathematics Curriculum

StrengthStudents in Mathematics Curriculum have good math skills. Teachers and students’ research was published in "14th Rajabhat Research".  The Mathematics Curriculum is a course of professional experience, and involves various school networks. 

General Science Curriculum

Strength General Science Curriculum is the leading course of the Faculty of Education. There is more emphasis on the teaching profession and scores of Education Quality Assurance of the research is higher than other curriculums. Professors have been awarded to present the international research at ISEEC. 

Research in Academic Year 2012 :



Research Title

Dr. Wanna  Banjong
The Influence of Family,  School, and Community on Vocational Education for  Higher Education Selecting
Dr. Sataporn  Sungkaosuttirak
Characteristics of Lecturers in the Faculty of Education for the New Generation of Teachers
Mrs. Aunchalee Sang a-wod
Developing a Model of Human Relation Skills for Teachers Using Brain-Based Learning: A Course for First Year Students in the Faculty of Education at Suratthani Rajabhat University
Miss Niramon  Junsuwan
Development of a Consultation Training Package for Students: A Coure for Student Teachers at Suratthani Rajabhat University
Miss Puttachard  Noonak
Group Work for Self-Esteem Development of  Students in the Faculty of Education at Suratthani Rajabhat University
Miss Pawika  Paksa
Activities Development Using Target Learning to Promote Achievement Motive and Learning Achievement
Miss Pichamon  Sakda
The Construction of a Virtual Classroom for Problem-Based Learning: On e-Learning in Innovation and Information Technology of Education for Student Teachers in Suratthani Rajabhat University.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Num-oi Mitrakul
The Relationship Between the Learning Styles of Student Teachers and the Effectiveness of on Problem-Based Multimedia Lessons Accessed Through the Internet
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratri  Nantasukon
Exploration and Evaluation of the Education in Krabi and Ranong Provinces
Acting Sub Lt. Asst. Prof. Sirisawad  Thongkanlueang
Qualitative Research Synthesis: Identity of Students and Graduates in Higher Education
Asst. Prof. Uraiwan  Meepien
A Study of Material Design: Homegrown Recreation According to Local Wisdom to Create Instructional Media for Basic Science Learning in Force and Movement
Asst. Prof. Wilawan  Tipsuwanporn
A Study of Material Design: Homegrown Recreation According to Local Wisdom to Create Instructional Media for Basic Science Learning in the Topic of  Force and Movement
Miss Wichunee  Pannoi 
A Study of Local History in the Takienthong Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Kanjanadit District, Suratthani (Group 60%)
Dr. Tawad  Bunsang
Legend or Folktale Through the Process of Socialization for Youth in the South
Mr. Tawadchai  Promna
Remembrance Project of ASEAN Emigration: Subdevided Project of Vietnam Emigration (Group 50%)
Miss  Aunchalee  Munkong

Exploration and Evaluation of the Educationin Krabi and Ranong Provinces (Group 20%)

Development of Learning Series: Information Technology for Management Through Network Settings for Students at Suratthani Rajabhat University

Dr. Pimpalak  Wong-apiwatkul
Development of Learning Series : Our World and Trigonometry to Develop Critical Thinking of Pre-Service Teachers
Miss Pitchayatida  Sriti 
Effects of Learning Using Case Study on Web: The Implicit Threat of the Internet and Information Technology Equipment to Develop Problem Solving Skills
Miss Sureerat   Auksornkarn
Effects of Concept Focusing in Teaching Critical Reading for Student Teachers at Suratthani Rajabhat University
Mr. Chawakit  Thongnuipram
Using Educational Technology Structure-Based Learning to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Problems Solving for Undergraduate Students in the Faculty of Education at  Suratthani Rajabhat University
Mr. Songkiet  Bualoy
Development of Watercolours Series: The Environment and Present Livelihood  in  Klong Roi Sai
Miss Duangtida  Raksakaew
The Development of Web-Based Instruction by Problem-Based Learning Theory with Different Types of Scaffolding on Instrcutional Media Lesson for Education Students at Suratthani  Rajabhat University

External Collaborations and Partnerships



Faculty of Education

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