International School of Tourism


        Suratthani Rajabhat University first produced graduates in Tourism Industry in 1991 under the care of Faculty of Management Sciences. However, the increasing needs of skilled human resources in Thailand’s tourism industry urged the establishment of the International School of Tourism. The school was then established in 2005 with major goals topromote students’ knowledge and ability while facilitating interactions between both Thai and foreign tourists.


        To provide intellectual knowledge for sustainable tourism development


        To become the regional leader in art and science of tourism and services industry


        1. To produce intellectual graduates with abilities, ethics, and skills required in tourism industry 

        2. To conduct research to develop and better serve the tourism industry at the international level

        3. To provide academic services in tourism industry with international standard

        4. To preserve and promote local art and culture in order to maintain the identity of the community

        5. To create networks in tourism industry both in local and international levels

        6. To promote and support local environment preservation for sustainable tourism deveopment

Board of Director

Dr.Chanphorn Chuangchot
PositionDean of International School of Tourism
UniversitySilpakorn University
Office Telephone077 913 372
Research Interests

Mr.Thanawit Buafai
PositionVice Dean of Planning & Student Affair
EducationMaster of Economics (Business Economics) 
UniversityKasetsart University
Office Telephone077 913 372
Research Interests

Dr. Siyathorn Nakphin
PositionVice Dean of Research & Academic Service
EducationD.HTM (Hotel and Tourism Management)
UniversityHong Kong Polytechnic Unibersity, Hong kong
Office Telephone077 913 372
Research Interests

Ms. Witchuta Haicharoen
PositionVice Dean of Academic
EducationPh.D. (Environmental Education)
UniversityMahidol University
Office Telephone077 913 372
Research Interests

Mr.Yantoong Srifa
PositionHead Office of the Dean
EducationM.A. (Sociology)
UniversityMahamakut Buddhist University
Office Telephone077-300 258
Research Interests

Programs Offered :

         1. Bachelor of Arts Program in Tourism and Hotel (Thai Programme)
             Bachelor of Arts Program in Tourism and Hotel aims to promotestudents’ knowledge, occupational abilities and to encourage awareness of natural environment. Therefore, this program addresses a major dilemma in the tourist industry impacts and how to maintain the precious natural and cultural resources; meanwhile, meeting the need of human resources in the field of tourism and hospitality industry.
         2. Bachelor of Arts Program in Airline Business (Thai Programme)              Bachelor of Arts Program in Airline Businesshas presented students’ in theory and operational knowledge. This program also hasclose relationship with expert lecturers in the field of airline business by cooperating with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. This enables the school to provide the interactions between the lecturers and students to exchange experiences. This program promotes in both in-class activitiesand field trips. This arrangement purposes to actively promote students’ knowledge, skills, and technology, together with facing the competitive working life that depended on crucial hospitality skills.
         3. Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Global Management of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (English Programme)
             This program aims to provide educational opportunities for worldwide market in order to develop country’s economy. Significantly, graduates could be language and technology proficient users which are appropriate and benefit for the particular airline, tourism and hospitality business.

Campuses :

There are three campuses serving difference purposes of studies at the International School of Tourism.

International School of Tourism, SuratthaniRajabhat University, AmpurMuang, Suratthani

      • International School of Tourism, Samui Island, Suratthani KohSamui is one of the most famous destinations of Thailand and is well known among tourists all over the world. International School of Tourism, Samui Campus was established as a center of study, which specifically focuses on services and tourism and providesadvantage to experience in real places 

Strength point of International School of Tourism

Business Administration Program in Hotels 

Strength Business Administration Program in Hotels is the first and only international curriculum of Suratthani Rajabhat University. It is open for foreign students in AEC such as Laos, China, and Vietnam. There are the Formal Assessments and Informal Assessments of students’ data and an evaluation to verify data, creating activities, and designing teaching to suit students. The cohabitation is closely linked to the feeling of being in the same family. Location of International Colleges is suitable for students to use English well. There is an opportunity to study at the hotel with on the job Learning and Training at the actual places and businesses.

Flight Attendant Curriculum

Strength Students work in the right and related fields, and have study activities.  There is training with Thai Airways International, Suvarnabhumi Aiport, Don Mueang Airport, at the technician department of Thai Airways during the study. There is a MOU with BAGs and TG. 

Tourism Industry Program

StrengthThe curriculum focuses on the development of tourism management skills and cultivates the characteristics of tourism personnel. Students are also encouraged to develop their skills in the service industry, with a good command of spoken and written English to effectively cooperate between local businesses and international businesses.  Graduated students can apply knowledge of business services and English to pursue an independent career that caters to the service industry and the service sector, both in the public and private sectors.  Students can also work in other businesses. It is a component of the tourism industry. The curriculum has integrated into the View and the new graduated generation and the instructor has to have a silver guide card to be teach in the curriculum. Instructors in the Integration Curriculum in teaching and learning with businesses have certificates both in and outside the country, a license to practice foreign guides, and a tour leader card which uses technology in teaching. The assessment of the course and curriculum management have been researched and academic services continuously every year integrate with teaching. There is a curriculum assistant and, a network of cooperation with professional organizations and institutions both in the country and abroad such as the Association of Career Guides, and Tourism of Thailand. 

Research Year 2011 :



Research Title

Funding source

1. Miss Witchuta Haicharoen
The way of Tourism Management for Cultural and way of life Sustainable : A case Study in Koh Samui,Suratthani Province National Research Council of Thailand
2. Miss Witchuta Haicharoen
The Global Warming Effect to Tourism Industry in Suratthani Province
National Research Council of Thailand
3. Mr. Thanawit Buafai
The Surway on the Behavior,Attitude and Satisfaction of Foreign Tourists toward Traveling in Koh Samui
Suratthani Rajabhat University
4. Miss Urai Buttongdee
The development of tourism potential at Doi Sathit herbal Learning Umper Barnnasarn Suratthani
Suratthani Rajabhat University

Research Year 2010  :



Research Title

Funding source

1. Miss Urai Buttongdee
The development of tourism potential at the Chulaphorn 8 project Umper Barnnasarn Suratthani
Suratthani Rajabhat University

External Collaboration and Partnerships :

In accordance with curricula’s mission, theInternational School of Tourism has pursued more abilities for students by improving the quality of all programs and providing on-the-job training by cooperating with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. Therefore,the agreement between the School and Thai Airways has brought the important advantages including many experts and lecturers for teaching and they have also welcomed our students as interns.

Moreover, the School has worked closely with Aichi University of Education, Japan in order to bolster our performance. For this reason, our students and lecturers could be trained there. At the same time, a number of student teachers have come to the School to do teaching practice.

The cooperation with International School of Tourism, Budapest Business School (BBS), College of Commerce and Catering and Tourism (CCCT), Hungary, has offered vital experiences for our students as interns. Students could gain vast skills and prepare themselves for the real life of work in hospitality business.

Lastly, the agreement between International School of Tourism and Yunnam Normal University, China has given the chance for us to obtain Chinese lecturers. Native Chinese lectures have taught Chinese at the International School of Tourism continuously. Furthermore, according to the student exchange agreement, their exchange students have come to study at our Samui campus. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their language skills and learn more about different cultures.

Constantly, our School has welcomeda number of students of Guangxi University for Nationalities, China, as they are studying Thai language and Tourism industry at Samui campus.


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