In 1973, the Teachers’ College of Surat Thani advanced rapidly finally becoming Suratthani Rajabhat University.

The University is committed to working together with its students towards expanding knowledge and work competencies so that they may serve both the local community and the nation.

Pursuing the goal of becoming a regional prototype university for local development, Suratthani Rajabhat University has, as it was, planted the flag of victory on the field of education, with emphasis on responding to local needs, generating knowledge and taking the lead in preserving and developing our precious heritage of indigenous knowledge.

In its status as “People of the King, servants of the land”, and recalling that His Majesty the King graciously bestowed upon the university the name “Rajabhat” the University works to implement his plans and ideas.

In addition, the University has cooperative agreement with leading universities abroad, both for teachers’ development and for student exchanges.

Recognizing the importance of tourism and hotel management, the University has established the International School of Tourism in Koh Samui, Sarat Thani, partnering with first class hotels and domestic and international airlines, to provide on-the-job training for students and to serve as a knowledge-sharing center.

Suratthani Rajabhat University continues to enhance its potential with modern educational and recreational facilities.

For four decades, Suratthani Rajabhat University has been the firm intention to serve society through quality education, developing the people for the development of the nation.

Over time, the groves of laburnum, symbols of Suratthani Rajabhat University, have grown mighty.

The shoots of knowledge planted deep in fertile soil, cultivated and cared for, have now become beautiful trees cooling the land in the shade of their branches-contributing to the community with the highest academic standards, working in tune with local livelihoods as a regional university for true local development.