Emerging New Strategy: “5Construction, 3 Development”
A drive to be one of the leading ASEAN universities

A brand new, pop-upstrategy “5 construction, 3 development” was originated covering the production of human resource, graduates, excellences, good governance and proficiencyto readily enter ASEAN Community and development of environment, knowledge, and the university to an international level—to be one of the leading AESEAN universities

Asst. Prof.Dr. PrayoteKuptakanjanakul, the president, said after having been graciously pleased to appoint him to the position of the president of Suratthani Rajabhat Universityon February 7, 2013 that currently he had 8 plans to start developing the university. The plan, called “5 Construction and 3 Development”, was to lead to one of the chief universities in ASEAN.

The president further elaborated, “the first scheme—theconstruction of human resources—refers to the approaches to help our instructors elevate to higher academic positions, earn doctorate degree, and gainbetter English skills; as for oursupportive human resource, the help to continuously develop in their career must be seriously initiated; the second—theproduction of graduates—is to produce truly qualified graduates with real desirable characteristics andreflection of their own identity and uniqueness; the third—thecreation of excellence in all missions being prescribed to the university—this concerns thegraduate producing, research work, academic service, and fostering of arts and culture; and, as basically andinherently being “Rajabhat”, to help solidify and strengthen the communities, to help establish strength for the teaching profession; and most important, to successfully carry on the King’s resolution in founding the university by the name of Rajabhat; the fourth—the creation of good management—this means being good governance, transparent, responsible, and accountable; and the final construction—the building up of academic strength and proficiency. Of course, the main aim of this last one, partly, is to get prepared to successfully and smoothly enter into the ASEAN community in 2013.

“The ‘3 Development’”, continued the president, “comprises, firstly, the university’s physical growth and environment; this is not just being beautiful but it must be a campus of being clean and green as well; both the students and instructors need a supportive learningsetting. The second development, the endeavor toactually search and able to reach ‘local wisdom, Thai wisdom,and international wisdom’; we cannot deny the globalization impact”,said the president, “we must, at the same time, not forget our own root; the challenging issue, however, is how to bring out our own wisdom into use and bring it to the international recognition, in particular, that of Surat Thani, which is the place of civilization and all sorts of wisdom; we must, at the same time, accept the wisdom of the international to help support and improve ours. The third type of development is the working for improvement of our university to the international level. We cannot devote ourselves to being local university with no interest in those at the international level; we can never avoid being globalization. We, hence, shall get prepared to standardize our infrastructure so that ours are able to reach the universal level and, at the same time, emphasize being international at the ASEAN community level.

“All these ambitions, however best to carry out, can never be achieved solely by the president and his teamwork. Support, as well as all sorts of participation from other parts of the university, is essentially required. I seek and hope I will certainly receive cooperation and assistance from students, instructors, and all levels of personnel,” lastly said the SRU president.