SRU Backed up to Opening BahasaMelayu
Hoping to support understanding among ASEAN country members

Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) endorsedan opening of BahasaMelayuin SRU,hoping to set the university as the center of the language in the upper south. Invitations were made to well-known university instructors in both Malaysia and Indonesia to take part in the curriculum comments/ development. The president expressed his desire to use the language as a tool to create understanding among the ASEAN country members. The course, a 4-year program under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,is expected to open in 2014

The president said that the comments on the curriculum had been made twice, in and outside our country. The last one took place during 4 – 7 February 2013 at Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia. The president himself, along with the curriculum staff, joined in the comment with the experts in the countries where BahasaMelayuwas used; the president had signed in the Letter of Intent (LOI) to engage the two universities in the academic cooperationas well. Any helpful comments and advice made by the native speaker instructors would be employed in the curriculum revision to be carried out before forwarding it to be approved by the academic board and the university board.

“The curriculum having collaboration from the neighboring countries is sponsored by OHEC’s budget thanks to the common agreement our two organizations have had—to produce manpower in support of the free trade, services, and investment in the ASEAN community in 2015. What’s more, it is believed that the language will certainly play an important role in backingany cooperation in the nearingcountries as well as those within the ASEAN. OHEC aims to have SRU be the BahasaMelayustudy center in the upper south in the future,” the president revealed.