Suratthani Rajabhat University, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics & Business at Hasanuddin University Indonesia organized the 3rd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Economics (3rd -ICAME 2018) for 12 countries on November 5th 2018 at University Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia.

Asst. Prof. Dr.Chaiwat Phuakkhong, Vice President for Community Service, Suratthani Rajabhat University, revealed that in this International Conference Suratthani Rajabhat University has presented an academic subject in the topic of ‘The role of local administration in promoting the digital economy of Thailand’ which was one of the topics during this meeting. There were also exchanging ideas between different countries. The meeting admired Thailand and SRU for academic development and community services.


Dr. Supatpong Yam-Im, a lecturer of Political Science at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, announced at the conference that Suratthani Rajabhat University, by both lecturers and students, has transferred academic knowledge and experiences in order to promote local economy and quality of life in the community. This would be a guideline for the county’s administration.


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