Suratthani Rajabhat University, a local public university for community development in the South of Thailand, is very pround to present a show called "The Spirit if the South" which is a perfect combination of two popular traditional folk plays in the South of Thailand consisting of Nangtalung or shadow puppet show and Nora Dance. Basically, Nangtalung or Wayang Kulit is a kind of folk story-telling puppet show conducting by one master which can give voices of all characters as well as it significantly hides something inside such as morality, news, lessons and knowledge to the audiences. Like Nora Dance, a strong-but-charming traditional folk play, doesn't tell only a story of Pra Suthorn-Manora from a buddhist Jataka, but it also involves with local traditions and believes. In addition, both Nangtalung and Nora Dance has been a cultural bridge connecting people from the south of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia since it origin.

Cultural exchange in Medan, Indonesia
1-3 November 2019


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