Education and morality guide development.

“The university for empowering the country under the philosophy of the sufficiency economy.”

As an engine for promoting change and growth, Suratthani Rajabhat University seeks to assist community development and meets local needs by providing an effective tertiary learning environment whereby students can reach their full potential in terms of skills and attitudes they will need as life-long learners. Realizing, however, that equitable community growth and progress requires more than just an able workforce, the university also strives to assist communities directly by offering expertise, practical research and effective problem solving strategies.

1. To provide a learning environment based upon academic excellence, the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and loyalty to one’s community

2. To provide teachers and instructors with the skills and moral values needed to assist both their students and the communities

3. To develop sustainable and appreciate technologies that preserve and maintain a balance between human needs and aspirations, traditional values and environmental integrity and sustainability

4.To provide a network of academic services that support and strengthen local initiatives and organizations, and to work collaboratively with other universities and institutes in order to assist local development

5. To instill pride through the promotion and support of the arts and related cultural activities

6. To inculcate effective leadership qualities and administrative skills based on high standards of morality, honesty and integrity

7. To directly support and assist community development projects that are supported by royal patronage

1. To provide a stimulating learning environment for both students and staff so that all can achieve their full potential as life-long learners.

2. To provide research opportunities that extend the boundaries of human knowledge and assist the development process.

3. To provide academic and technological services that foster independence and sustainability.

4. To preserve and promote local and national works of art, culture and traditional wisdom.